Friday, January 23, 2015

Copper Repouse

This artwork is a copper repousse. It was an art
copper_01project for my art class last year in eight grade.
Repousse is raised in relief by hammering on the reverse side. Copper repousse is a sculpture where the copper is stretch in  and out to give a three dementional feeling.
 To make the copper repousse, you will need a flat sheet of copper, copper tools, paper and pencil. First sketch a drawing of something that you want to be in the copper (the paper should be the same size as your copper sheet) then transfer it to the copper. To transfer it put the paper on top of the copper and outline it with pen (make sure press a little hard). When the lines are transfered use the copper tool you have and use it to stretch the copper. The parts of the copper that you want popping out you stretch in the back and the ones that you want not to pop out stretch from the front. Tip: don't stretch to much because the copper will ripped. When your done polish it.

 The border of copper repouse is made of thick sheet of black construction paper. To make the border of the copper repouse you'll need any colors of color pencils. To start designing the border, I contiued the copper lines and try to blend it and outlineit with bright colors. 

More Examples of Copper Repousse