Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magazine Bowls



Magazine bowl is obviously a bowl made of magazine, of course.  


* Magazine (one or two books)
* Bottled glue
* Scissors


         Step one is to gather all the materials listed above. Step two, cut the magazine in half verticaly ( you can tare every single page and cut it verticaly or use a paper cutter to make it easier). You can make it in patterns of colors or just random if you want. Step three, to make the base of the bowl take the half of the paper you just cutted and fold it in half and half again. Step four, put glue in one side of the magazine and stich it. Step five, roll the stripped of magazine into a circle or any shape you desire. Step six, to add more layer do the same thing before and stick the stripped of magazine to the first one. Step seven, do the same thing and over again until the size of the base is what you want.
          Step eight, to make the side of the bowl is almost similar to making the base. Step nine, glue half of the strip of magazine horizontallyand stick it to the base of the bowl. Step ten, do the same thing as step nine and do two layers to make stronger and thinker. Keep doing it till the hieght of the bow is what you want.

                Here's a video that close to what I did But alittle bit different


For some challenge, try making this bowl above

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